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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience

TrueFlame Outdoor Refrigerators, Wine Coolers, Kegerators, & Ice Maker

TrueFlame Outdoor Refrigerators, Wine Coolers, Kegerators, & Ice Maker

Keep your outdoor feasts and festivities flowing with TrueFlame Outdoor Refrigerators, Wine Coolers, and Ice Makers. Pack in more fun with up to 6.6 cubic feet of space, with TrueFlame's wide selection keeping your ingredients crisp and your drinks ice-cold. Designed for the outdoors, TrueFlame's refrigeration 304 stainless steel construction, precise temperature management, and adjustable legs for perfect balance. They're not just refrigerators; they're a seamless blend of performance and elegance to match your outdoor culinary haven. Make your backyard the heart of the party with TrueFlame — where freshness and chill meet style and convenience.

What We Love About TrueFlame Outdoor Refrigerators

The TrueFlame Outdoor Refrigerators collection is designed to enhance your outdoor kitchen functionality with a wide selection of refrigerator styles and sizes. Each refrigerator boasts a durable 304 stainless steel door construction, offering both superior outdoor protection and a sleek, modern look. The electronic temperature control with a digital display allows for precise temperature control, ensuring your food and beverages are kept at the ideal temperature.

TrueFlame Outdoor Refrigerators

For added security, TrueFlame's refrigerators feature locking doors to keep your items safe when you're not around. The auto-defrost function eliminates the hassle of manual defrosting by automatically preventing frost buildup and keeping your refrigerator running efficiently. Certified with a UL Rating for outdoor use, these refrigerators guarantee resilience and safe performance in any outdoor setting, and the interior LED lighting makes nighttime use easy and visible.

Designed for seamless integration into your outdoor kitchen, these refrigerators come with a built-in design and front venting, ensuring safe heat exhaust management. The Anti-Vibration System is particularly beneficial for wine storage, as it minimizes vibrations, preventing sediment disturbance and ensuring your beverages are perfectly preserved. Versatile enough in both commercial and residential settings, TrueFlame Outdoor Refrigerators comply with the necessary standards, and with ETL, DOE, and CE certifications, you can trust their safety, energy efficiency, and quality for global use. This collection truly redefines the standard for outdoor refrigeration, blending functionality with elegance for your outdoor entertaining needs.

TrueFlame Outdoor Wine Coolers

Elevate your outdoor entertainment with a TrueFlame Outdoor Wine Cooler – perfect for chilling your wines right in your outdoor kitchen! TrueFlame Flame takes your wine storage to the next level with a full line of premium quality wine coolers ranging in different sizes and storage capacity to fit your outdoor kitchen design and fit your outdoor wine storage needs. 

What We Love About TrueFlame Outdoor Wine Coolers

TrueFlame Wine Coolers

TrueFlame Outdoor Wine Coolers are the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment, giving you a wide selection of various sizes and storage capacities to meet the design of your outdoor kitchen. Each outdoor wine cooler is equipped with double-glazed tinted glass doors, providing UV protection for your wine, easy viewing, and a clean, modern outdoor kitchen.

On the inside, TrueFlame includes an electronic temperature control with a digital display that allows for precise temperature management, perfect for maintaining the ideal conditions for both red and white wines. Choose between a single zone or double temperature zone wine cooler to store your wine selection and the perfect temperature. 

One feature that really turns our heads is the anti-vibration system, crucial for minimizing movement and thus preserving the quality of your wine by preventing sediment disturbance. TrueFlame designed their wine coolers to preserve wine to perfection with wooden adjustable and removable wine racks to reduce vibration even further and also adjust your wine storage to fit your large and small bottle sized wines.

TrueFlame's auto-defrosting is a key feature we like, eliminating manual defrosting by preventing frost buildup. Additionally, the built-in design with front venting ensures easy integration into your outdoor kitchen, managing heat exhaust efficiently. From top to bottom, internally, this wine cooler is designed for outdoor use with its quick and energy efficient forced air cooling system.

Security is also a priority, with locking doors to safeguard your wine collection. Durability and safety are ensured with a UL Rating for outdoor use, making these outdoor wine refrigerators reliable in any weather or season. With interior LED lighting for visibility at night, these wine coolers are not only functional but also add a touch of elegance to your outdoor entertaining space.

TrueFlame Outdoor Wine Coolers are designed to meet both commercial and residential standards, making them versatile in any setting. They are certified with ETL, DOE, and CE marks, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety, energy efficiency, and quality for global use. 

TrueFlame Outdoor Ice Maker

Never run out of ice again with the TrueFlame Ice Maker in your outdoor kitchen, churning out 50 lbs. of ice daily and holding 25 lbs. ready to go – perfect for all your entertaining needs! This outdoor ice maker is a powerhouse of ice production, making bagged ice a thing of the past and adding a clean modern look to your outdoor kitchen with its sharp design and stainless steel finish.

What We Love About the TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Ice Maker

TrueFlame Outdoor Ice Maker

What we absolutely love about the TrueFlame Outdoor Ice Maker is its exceptional ice production and storage capability. It's a game changer for backyard BBQs and summer parties, thanks to its impressive 50 lbs. of daily ice output. You're never short on ice, even for the most extended events, as it holds up to 25 lbs. in storage. The gravity drain feature stands out, offering an energy-efficient and eco-friendly approach to ice-making, negating the need for a drain pump.

Another great design feature is its self-closing door, a practical addition that prevents ice loss if the door is inadvertently left open on those hot summer days. Designed specifically for outdoor use, TrueFlame Outdoor Ice Maker provides a UL Rating for outdoor use, which means it's built to perform safely and resiliently in any outdoor environment. It's not just for residential use; its design meets commercial standards too, making it a versatile option for different settings.

The TrueFlame Outdoor Ice Maker's design also complements any modern outdoor kitchen. It features a 304 stainless steel door with sharp-lined detailing, ensuring durability and adding a sleek, contemporary look. Plus, its built-in design with front venting integrates seamlessly into outdoor kitchen spaces, effectively managing heat exhaust. All these features combine to make the TrueFlame Outdoor Ice Maker a must-have for anyone who loves to entertain outdoors.

TrueFlame Outdoor Kegerators

Upgrade your outdoor parties with a TrueFlame Outdoor Kegerator – the ultimate way to serve up cold, fresh draft beer right in your backyard. Trueflame gives you two options for cold kegged beverage storage with single tap or double tap towers. Both tap towers sit on top of the spacious 6.6 Cu. Ft. forced air cooling system refrigerator allowing you to store a variety of different sized kegs at once. 

What We Loved About TrueFlame Outdoor Kegerators

TrueFlame Outdoor Kegerator

What sets the TrueFlame Outdoor Kegerator apart is its incredible flexibility and advanced features, making it a standout choice for your outdoor entertainment or backyard BBQs. Whether you choose to integrate it into your outdoor kitchen countertop or use it as a standalone unit, its built-in or freestanding design offers unparalleled versatility. Its front ventilation gives you the option for built-in integration to your outdoor kitchen, blowing the heat exhaust away from your outdoor kitchen and kegerator to keep your cooling system safe and sound.

This adaptability is further enhanced by its generous 6.6 cubic feet storage capacity, accommodating various keg sizes – from a 16" quarter barrel to two 9" home brew kegs – ensuring you have the right amount of beer for any occasion. In addition to the multiple cold keg storage, we also like how you can choose between a single or double tap tower, giving you the option to serve more than one beer at a time.

The precision that TrueFlame brings to beer serving is remarkable. The electronic digital temperature control panels allow for precise temperature adjustments, catering to different types of beers, ensuring each variety is enjoyed at its best temperature. TrueFlame designed its cooling system for those hot summers with a forced air cooling system. This fan cooling system instantly cools down your kegerator to your ideal temperature and maintains it without wasting energy. 

What we love about this Trueflame kegerator is that it doesn’t stop at just providing a kegerator; it offers a complete kit. This includes a 6.6 cubic feet kegerator, a tap tower, hose system, CO2 tank, CO2 regulator, and a drip tray – everything you need for a professional beer serving experience. The self-closing door feature is a thoughtful addition, maintaining the internal temperature efficiently and preventing energy waste.

The design of the TrueFlame Kegerator is in perfect harmony with modern outdoor kitchens. The 304 stainless steel door with a sharp-lined finish complements other stainless steel appliances, adding a sleek, contemporary look to your outdoor space. The anti-vibration system is a crucial element, minimizing movement to prevent sediment disturbance in your kegged beer, ensuring each glass served is as fresh as the first.

Safety and durability are paramount in its design. The locking door feature enhances security and safeguards your beverages, while the UL Rating for outdoor use assures durability in various weather conditions. Additionally, the interior LED lighting not only improves visibility at night but also adds an elegant touch to your outdoor entertainment area.

Lastly, TrueFlame gives you a commitment to quality and safety as it meets commercial and residential standards and holds ETL, DOE, and CE certifications. This ensures the highest standards of safety, energy efficiency, and quality for global use. The TrueFlame Outdoor Kegerator is more than just an appliance; it’s a sophisticated addition to your outdoor entertainment, combining functionality, style, and the joy of perfectly served beer.

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