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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience

TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Storage

TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Storage Solutions

Choosing the right outdoor kitchen storage compartments is often overlooked and can be difficult to decide what is best for your outdoor kitchen design. TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Storage helps to simplify the process by giving you a wide selection to meet your outdoor kitchen dreams and dimensions. Choose from a wide selection and sizes of doors, combo units, drawers, trash drawers, propane drawers, paper towel holders, and more. 

TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Storage on Patio

What We Love About TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Doors

TrueFlame outdoor kitchen storage doors surpassed the competition with their new outdoor kitchen door storage design. Its sharpened, crisp line design gives your outdoor kitchen a clean modern look that brings elegance to your outdoor kitchen. Designed to fit any outdoor kitchen layout by offering you a wide variety of door styles and sizes. Featuring heavy-duty flanges that pair perfectly with any type of outdoor kitchen finish. Whether you're looking for a pronounced look on your stucco, vinyl or metal finished outdoor kitchen, this heavy-duty flange fits perfectly.

Each door features TrueFlames' new design, the hidden hinge. No more having unsightly hinges sticking out of your doors. This new design keeps your hinge hidden on the interior of the door frame, giving you the perfect seamless modern look. In addition, each door comes equipped with TrueFlame's new 304 stainless steel bar handle, giving you a polished professional look.

Functionality and strength are an important part of TrueFlame doors with 304 commercial grade stainless steel construction providing superior outdoor protection against any weather, any season, and anything Mother Nature throws at you. Your outdoor storage doors also feature magnetic latches that ensure your doors stay shut in inclement weather and also while you're cooking or entertaining in your outdoor kitchen. Lastly, each door is designed to fit your outdoor kitchen layout with reversible door mounting giving you a full-swinging door opening to fit your outdoor kitchen design. 

What We Love About TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Storage Drawers

TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Storage Drawer

TrueFlame brings you a wide selection of feature packaged outdoor storage drawer solutions. Whether you need a pull-out trash drawer, propane storage, storage drawer system, utensil drawer, or even a paper towel drawer, TrueFlame has you covered. Each drawer adds functionality to your outdoor kitchen, making entertaining and outdoor cooking within arm's reach.

Durability is a priority with TrueFlame outdoor storage solutions, making all their storage drawers designed with 304 commercial grade stainless steel for superior protection that holds a gold standard lifetime warranty showing TrueFlames commitment to quality. In addition every drawer is equipped with heavy-duty soft-closing drawers providing a smooth and effortless drawer operation. In addition, controlled drawer motion prevents drawer slamming from occurring, preserving the longevity of your outdoor storage drawers.

What really stands out to us is TrueFlame new and improved 2024 design. This new style features a sharp-lined drawer design giving you the perfect matching look for your TrueFlame outdoor storage doors. In addition, TrueFlame gives you a new polished 304 stainless steel bar handle that adds to your modern clean outdoor kitchen appeal, making your outdoor kitchen the heartbeat of your outdoor entertainment. 

What We Love About TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Door/Drawer Combos

The best way to design your TrueFlame outdoor kitchen is to start underneath your TrueFlame gas grill with one of the functional and versatile TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Doors/Drawer Combos. These combo storage units give you the most bang for your buck in storage functionality with organized drawer space on one side, perfect for your grilling tools, towels, and more. On the other side of your combo storage, choose between gas storage or access door providing room large stored items, gas valve access, electrical access and more.

TrueFlame designed their outdoor storage for maximum protection with 304 commercial grade stainless steel construction. This perfect blend of nickel and chromium is no match for any season you encounter or weather conditions given durable outdoor protection. All drawers featured in your outdoor storage combo feature a fully enclosed drawer system keeping your outdoor kitchen essentials safe from moisture. and outdoor elements. In addition, your drawers feature soft closing drawer glides giving you effortless and controlled drawer motion, while preventing drawer slamming from occurring.

TrueFlame revamped its entire outdoor storage selection with a newly designed sharp-lined heavy-duty flange. This design gives your outdoor kitchen a clean contemporary look matching your TrueFlame grill and appliances. In addition, your single access door comes with hidden hinges showing off your smooth stainless steel finish. Top off with a new and improved 304 stainless steel polished drawer and door bar handles. 

What We Love About TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Dry Storage

TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Dry Storage

Dry storage is often overlooked in your outdoor kitchen, but completely changes the functionality of your outdoor kitchen. Leave your spices, dry goods, utensils, and more completely moisture-free for the next backyard BBQ. This wide double door dry storage provides two different storage pantry styles. Both double door dry storage pantries are constructed from high quality 304 stainless steel construction for ultimate outdoor protection against wear and tear and the outdoors.

In your dry pantry, both double doors feature heavy-duty weather resistance seals keeping the moisture out and your stored items safe and sound.  No more having to put your dry goods away in your outdoor kitchen after the party is over and then back outside for the next party. This dry storage solution brings functionality to your outdoor kitchen that you need.

Inside your storage double door pantry features interior double drawers to organize your outdoor cooking items. Both drawers come equipped with soft-closing drawer glides making your drawer open and closing effortless. Both durable stainless steel double doors feature strong magnetic latches ensuring your dry good essentials stay safe and dry even in inclement weather. 

Both wide double doors feature hidden hinges making your stainless steel finish double doors the star of the show with their smooth clean look. To add to its design, TrueFlame continues its sharp-design look with its clean, heavy-duty flange design. Lastly, all new TrueFlame 2024 doors and drawers, complete with new and ergonomically improved 304 stainless steel polished bar handles. 

TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Storage Masonry Flange

TrueFlame Outdoor Kitchen Mounting Options: Flush or Masonry?

Choose the best outdoor kitchen mounting to fit your finish. Whether you have a smooth vinyl finish that pairs perfectly with TrueFlame's flush finish flanges or you have a natural stone veneer that requires a more pronounced flange that gives you a flush look at your stone or brick finish. 

TrueFlame outdoor kitchen storage provides a complete flush mounting line that fits perfectly with all types of smooth finishes. This type of finish is perfect for vinyl, metal, stucco, smooth brick finishes, wood, and more for a streamlined professional look. In addition, TrueFlame provides your masonry storage flanged storage. Perfect for islands with stone or brick rough veneers that need a flange, this more protruded, giving a flush look at your rough stone or brick veneer. In addition, masonry flanges have been paired with smooth finishes, like stucco or Ameristone stone, giving you an attractive contrast that enhances your stainless steel storage components. 

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