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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience

TrueFlame Side Burners

TrueFlame Side Burners

TrueFlame Built-In Side Burners

Add the perfect companion to your TrueFlame Gas Grill for outdoor cooking versatility and convenience with TrueFlame Side Burners. TrueFlame gives you a great selection of high-performance side burners: Choose between the versatile TrueFlame Double Side Burner or TrueFlame Power Burner. Both side burners feature versatile and premium quality features that bring your indoor kitchen functionality to your outdoor kitchen.

What We Love About TrueFlame Side Burners

  • Sharp clean-lined design on your control panel that adds a modern, streamlined look to your outdoor kitchen (Pairs perfectly with your TrueFlame Grills & Outdoor Kitchen Components).
  • Adds instant versatility with independent burner control, giving you a wide temperature, cooking multiple dishes at once, or even a removable wok ring.
  • Grease pull-out drip tray's included on both models for safety, clean cooking, and easy clean up.
  • Red LED lighting gives your outdoor kitchen a beautiful ambiance that pairs perfectly with your stainless steel appliances. 
  • Superior burner construction featuring dual brass burners on your double side burner and a cast stainless steel dual ring burner on your power burner.

TrueFlame Gas Power Burners: Ignite Your Grilling Game

TrueFlame brings their A game when designing TrueFlame Power Burner. Featuring a 60,000 BTU cast stainless steel ring burner providing ultimate high heat durability and a

TrueFlame Side Burner w/ Red LED Lights

 limitless temperature. Simmer your soup at low temperatures with the inner burner or boiling water in seconds with the powerful outdoor ring burner. Not only does this power burner's wide temperature give you access to your entire cookbook, the removal wok ring in the center allows you to cook round bottom pans for your favorite stir-recipes in your outdoor kitchen. Each burner features a built-in burner state light, indicating whether your burner is off or on. 

Designed with 304 stainless steel from top to bottom, this sidekick to your TrueFlame Gas Grill will withstand any weather, season, or high heat cooking you or Mother Nature throw at it. There is no shortage of safety in the power burner design featuring a pull-out grease drip day to reduce flare-ups, clean cooking, and even easier cleaning. Top it all off with TrueFlame vibrant red LED lighting that gives your outdoor kitchen a professional look that is magazine worthy.

TrueFlame Double Side Burner: Grill Burgers and Sear Shrimp Simultaneously

Looking for a compact outdoor cooking solution that adds instant versatility? Introducing the TrueFlame Double Side Burner gives you two (2) 12,000 BTUs brass burners allowing two dishes at once. Cook your favorite BBQ sauce on a low heat while you sauté veggies on your second burner at the same time. Featuring a spacious 249 sq. inches of surface for handling large pots and pans and a flame thrower ignition for a safe and reliable start every time. 

Similar to your TrueFlame Power Burner, the double side feature safety burner state lights indicating whether your burners are off or on, giving you enhanced safety. In addition, your double side burner features a pull-out grease drip tray for easy and safe grease removal hassle-free.