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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience

Alfresco Grills: Restaurant Inspired Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Alfresco Grills Features

  • Restaurant Quality Outdoor Cooking Versatility.
  • Industry-Leading Outdoor Cooking Features.
  • Choose the Colors of Your Outdoor Kitchen Appliances.
  • Marine Armour Upgrade for Coastal Environments.
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Build Quality
  • Made in the USA.

Alfresco Grills: Outdoor Cooking Passion in Color

Alfresco Grills Outdoor Kitchen in Ultramarine Blue
Alfresco Grills Outdoor Kitchen in Luminous Orange
Alfresco Grills Outdoor Kitchen in Light Green

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Why We Love Alfresco Grills

When it comes to luxury, durability, and versatility Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems, leads the outdoor cooking world. The founders of Alfresco have long catered to the worlds finest restaurants and hotel, infusing decades of professional grade cooking into their residential outdoor kitchen appliances. Alfresco Grills brings a large selection of restaurant-inspired outdoor kitchen appliances with functionality, unparalleled performance, and a rainbow of color options to transform your backyard into a culinary paradise.

Alfresco Grills Restaurant Quality Features

Alfresco Grills Signature Taste Smoking System

Alfresco Grills takes your BBQ experience up a notch with their Signature Taste Smoking System. This system makes smoking as easy as grilling, thanks to its built-in drawer located right under the grill controls. You can effortlessly load your smoker box, and with its independent burner delivering up to 5,000 BTUs, it maintains a perfect 200°F for that authentic smoked flavor. Unlike ordinary smoker boxes, this system evenly distributes smoke over your grill, ensuring every bite of your brisket or fish is infused with a rich, professional BBQ pit taste. It's a straightforward, effective way to boost your grilling game, impressing everyone who tastes your culinary creations.

Alfresco Grills MEGA-DRIVE Rotisserie System

Alfresco revolutionizes outdoor cooking with their MEGA-DRIVE Built-In Rotisserie System. This robust system, equipped with a whisper-quiet, chain-driven motor, can effortlessly handle up to 120 lbs, perfect for large gatherings. Its powerful 18,500 BTU Infrared Rotisserie Burner heats up to an impressive 1500°F, ensuring even cooking and a delightful crispy exterior, all while maintaining juicy tenderness inside. Whether it's chicken, vegetables, or kabobs, the easy temperature control right on your gas panel allows precise cooking. Say goodbye to store-bought rotisserie and hello to freshly roasted, flavorful delights right in your backyard. This system is all about bringing professional, hassle-free rotisserie cooking to your home.

Alfresco Grills Safe-Touch Control Panel

Alfresco prioritizes safety with their innovative Industry First Control Panel Air Cooking Curtain. This remarkable feature ensures the control panel remains cool to the touch, even amid high-heat grilling. By creating an insulating air barrier, it allows sufficient airflow between the grill firebox and the gas control panel, ensuring a safe and comfortable grilling experience. Further enhancing safety, the 110V Electronic Ignition system, complete with heat-protected wiring, guarantees quick and dependable ignition every time. The system is thoughtfully designed with a 600°F heat-resistant silicone sleeve, safeguarding the ignition wires from the intense heat of grilling. These features not only enhance the durability of your grill but also assure a worry-free, safe grilling environment.

Alfresco Grills Sear Zone

The Alfresco grill’s SEAR ZONE Infrared Cooking feature is a powerhouse of heat, offering an impressive 27,500 BTUs. This incredible capability allows you to bring steakhouse-quality cooking right to your backyard. With the ability to heat up to a scorching 1500ºF in merely four minutes, you can cook meals 50% faster compared to standard grills. This rapid searing capability is perfect for locking in juices, ensuring succulent ribs, burgers, and steaks with a perfectly crisped exterior and a tender, flavorful interior. The high heat not only ensures a quick sear but also significantly reduces flare-ups, making your grilling experience safer and more efficient. This feature is a game-changer for those who love perfectly seared meats and quick, efficient cooking.