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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience

Alfresco ALXE 56-Inch Freestanding Gas Deluxe Grill With Marine Armour, Rotisserie, And Side Burner

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Family Operated with 20 Years Experience!

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Alfresco ALXE 56 Freestanding Deluxe Grill With Marine Armour And Side Burner 

Key Features

    • ACCUFIRE Heat 3 U-Burner System: Unparalleled high-heat precision and even distribution, & extreme durability 18SR stainless steel for peak grilling excellence.
    • 40,000 Total BTUs Built-in Double Side Burner: For instant grilling versatility for your favorite side dishes, boiling water, simmering sauces, and more.
    • MEGA-DRIVE Built-In Rotisserie System: For quiet, power ultra-roasting from the smallest to largest of BBQ favorites.
    • 18,500 BTU Infrared Rotisserie Burner: Giving you 1500°F of roasting power for ultimate rotisserie versatility or cooking large dishes. 
    • Signature Taste Smoking System: Built-in drawer that smokes at 200°F across your entire grilling surface for an authentic smoked flavor, unlike any competitor.
    • Electro-Polished Non-Stick Grates: Provides 3/8-Inch rounded cooking grates allowing you to grill with perfect sear marks the most delicate of BBQ favorites. 
    • 707 Sq. Inches Total Grilling Space: With ample space to grill up to 32 burgers at once, it's ideal for hosting and entertaining large gatherings.
    • Thick Refractive Ceramic Briquettes: Provide consistent, even heat for the perfect sear, and their innovative self-cleaning design simplifies grilling cleaning.
    • Control Panel Air Cooking Curtain: The innovative air curtain keeps the control panel cool, providing an extra layer of safety during high-heat grilling.
    • 110V Electronic Ignition with Heat-Protected Wiring: A reliable and quick grill start-up every time, while the heat-protected wiring gives an added layer of durability.
    • Three-Position Adjustable Warming Rack: Adds versatility to your grilling setup, providing space to keep food warm or toast buns, and can be tucked away when not needed.
    • Dual Halogen Built-In Lights: Bright dual halogen lights for easy and safe nighttime cooking.
    • Grill Hood Lift Assist System: Equipped with a hidden spiral torsion mechanism to allow for smooth, effortless opening of the grill hood, adding ease to your grilling experience.
    • Made in the USA: Crafted with American pride, these grills feature durable 304 stainless steel, perfectly hand-welded for superior quality.
    • Deluxe Grill Cart: Gives you two single access doors with propane tank slide holder, a double drawer system, two foldable stainless shelves w/ utensil holder, and caster wheels with locks. 
    • Grill Cover Included: Keep your grill clean and pristine when finished using.

Marine Grade Alfresco ALXE 56 Grill: Epic Feasts Await

Building your outdoor kitchen can be costly and take up a ton of space with all the grilling versatility needed. Eliminate all this with the Alfresco ALXE 56-Inch Freestanding Gas Deluxe Grill With Marine Armour. This grill is a do-it-all grill featuring a smoker system, rotisserie system, and double side burner giving you a central cooking station on wheels. Its enormous grilling surface measures 37 1/4 inches wide x 19 inches deep (707 square inches main grilling area) giving you all the space you need. This enormous surface fits up to 32 burgers for your large backyard events or easily handles multiple BBQ favorites at once. Its deluxe grill cart provides ample space for compartments, making your entire outdoor kitchen a mobile unit of professional grilling. Grill at the professional level with ultimate convenience with everything in arm's reach.

Alfresco 56 Grill with Marine Armour: Great Times, Great Food

For those who love grilling delicate items like fish and vegetables, the Alfresco 56-Inch Freestanding Gas Grill with Side Burner is a dream come true. It boasts Electro-Polished Non-Stick Cooking Grates that make grilling a wide range of foods effortless. These 3/8-inch rounded stainless steel grates are perfect for any grilling challenge, whether it’s small veggies or searing the perfect ribeye. They provide versatility on a large scale, ensuring everything you grill, from sticky BBQ ribs to delicate fish, comes out perfectly.

Below these exceptional grates, you'll find Refractive Ceramic Flat Top Pyramid Shaped Briquettes. These briquettes are designed to distribute heat evenly across the entire grilling surface, simultaneously protecting the burners and reducing flare-ups. This design ensures you won't have to worry about hot or cold spots, leading to evenly cooked, delicious food every time. Furthermore, each briquette tray is easily removable, making clean-up after grilling a breeze. This grill is not just about high performance, but also convenience and ease, ensuring an enjoyable grilling experience every time.

Alfresco 56 Grill: Fire Up the Feast With ACCUFIRE Burners

At the core of your Alfresco grill lies the ACCUFIRE Heat U-Burner System, a marvel of grilling technology. This system comprises three high-performance burners crafted from a blend of stainless steel and titanium, providing unparalleled durability and high heat endurance. Each burner delivers a robust 27,500 BTUs, amounting to a total of 82,500 BTUs of grilling power. This immense heat capability allows for a wide range of cooking temperatures, ensuring that whether you're searing steaks or slowly grilling vegetables, your results will be impeccable.

What sets the ACCUFIRE system apart is its unique U-shaped burner design, featuring multi-fuel ports. This innovative design ensures even distribution of heat across the entire grilling surface, eliminating any hot or cold spots. As a result, every part of the grill works in unison to deliver consistent, evenly cooked meals. Imagine biting into a perfectly grilled steak, evenly cooked and bursting with flavor - that's the kind of culinary excellence the ACCUFIRE system brings to your outdoor cooking experience.

Alfresco Grills MEGA-DRIVE Rotisserie System: Rotisserie Perfection

Alfresco takes grilling to new heights with its impeccably designed MEGA-DRIVE Built-In Rotisserie System. This system is a masterpiece of outdoor cooking, providing unparalleled roasting capabilities that can effortlessly handle everything from a whole chicken to sizeable roasts. Its chain-driven, exceptionally quiet rotisserie mechanism is built for reliability and ease, eliminating the typical hassles associated with assembling or maintaining a rotisserie setup.

What truly sets the MEGA-DRIVE system apart is its robust motor, capable of handling up to 120 lbs. of food. This remarkable strength makes it ideal for large gatherings, allowing you to cater to an entire neighborhood with ease. Complementing this powerful system is an 18,500 BTU Infrared Rotisserie Burner, offering a substantial 1500°F of roasting heat. This high temperature ensures even, slow roasting, resulting in a crispy exterior and a succulently juicy interior.

Adjusting each infrared burner is effortless, with independent controls right at the front of your gas panel. This feature allows for precise temperature settings, ensuring that your chicken, vegetables, kabobs, or any other dish is cooked to your exact preferences. With the MEGA-DRIVE system in your backyard, the days of settling on hours-old, store-bought rotisserie chicken are long gone. Instead, you'll be serving up freshly cooked, tender, and flavorful rotisserie dishes that are sure to impress.

ALXE 56 Series: Double the Flame, Double the Game

On the side of your massive grilling space features a dual integrated side burner (double side burner). Equipped with 40,000 BTUs of total (20,000 BTUs per burner), power across two (2) dual brass burners gives you the versatility to cook two separate side dishes at once. Each burner on your dual side burner comes with independent gas controls that are right on your grill control panel, allowing you to adjust the heat to the exact temperature needed for your side dish. Easily simmer your favorite sauce on low heat, while you boil water at the same time for ultimate outdoor cooking versatility.  The Alfresco ALXE-56 versatility doesn't stop there with the Signature Taste Smoking System. Featuring a built-in drawer right below your gas controls that allows you to fill your smoker box with ease. This smoking system contains an independent burner that reaches up to 5,000 BTUs and can smoke at a consistent 200°F giving you that rich smoky flavor that is sure to impress friends and family. Unlike your typical smoker box, this smoking system contains a passageway that evenly distributes the smoke throughout the grilling surface to further enhance your smoker's authentic flavor. This means you can infuse your brisket or fish with that authentic smoky flavor that's usually reserved for professional BBQ pits.

Alfresco Grills Enhanced Grilling Safety

Safety is paramount, and the Industry First Control Panel Air Cooking Curtain keeps the control panel cool to the touch, even during high-heat grilling. This Safe touch design provides an insulating barrier, giving you ample airflow between your gas control panel and your grill firebox, making sure your grilling surface is safe and cool for operation.  The 110V Electronic Ignition with Heat-Protected Wiring ensures a quick, reliable start-up every time, adding durability to your grill. Design with a 600°F heat-resistant silicone sleeve, make sure the high heat grilling won't affect your ignition wires for enhanced safety. Safety continues with the Dual Halogen Built-In Lights making nighttime grilling easy and safe. These dual built-in halogen lights are easily controlled right from your grilling gas control panel for easy use. No more bringing a flashlight outside to grill, your grill has all the light you will need with these bright light additions to your grill. Lastly, the Grill Hood Lift Assist System ensures effortless opening of the grill hood and is Made in the USA, it symbolizes quality and durability. 

Alfresco 56-Inch Deluxe Grill Cart Included

Your Alfresco 56-inch Gas Grill, boasting a Sear Zone Burner and Rotisserie, stands proudly on a durable 304 stainless steel constructed cart, offering not only strength but ample storage. On each side of this robust cart, you'll find a handy access door; the left side uniquely includes a propane gas tank slide-out holder for safe and secure storage. This design allows for easy propane tank management, featuring a screw tank holder for secure transport and usage. The heart of the cart houses a spacious double drawer system, equipped with self-closing drawer glides and full extension drawer glides, enhancing ease of use and accessibility to outdoor cooking utensils. The soft-closing feature of the drawers ensures longevity, preventing slamming, while the full extension allows complete drawer access and ease of cleaning.

For additional convenience, two stainless side foldable shelves flank the grill, providing expanded cooking space. These shelves can be easily opened for use and folded away for compact storage. Equipped with built-in grilling utensil hooks on one side, these shelves offer quick access to your grilling tools, keeping them within arm's reach. At the base of this mobile culinary masterpiece are four 3-inch caster wheels with locks, enabling smooth mobility across your patio or backyard and secure positioning during use. This feature brings the feast to your family and friends, allowing you to grill in the perfect spot every time.

Marine Armour Ceramic Coating for Superior Marine Environment Protection

Marine Armour is the revolutionary new ceramic coating solution, specially designed to enhance and protect your outdoor appliances for a lifetime. This innovative clear, liquid ceramic coating is a game-changer for anyone who loves outdoor cooking and entertainment. Crafted to guard against any outdoor environment, Marine Armour provides superior protection against harsh weather, oxidation, UV rays, staining, and saltwater corrosion. Its unique formulation, when applied, transforms into a glass-like coating that effectively resists solvents, acids, and alkalis. This means that your grill, accessories, and outdoor refrigeration units are shielded against staining, aging, and minor scuff marks, while maintaining their pristine condition for longer.

Outdoor living spaces are constantly exposed to dirt, contaminants, and the relentless forces of nature. These elements can cause irreversible damage to your outdoor surfaces. Marine Armour steps in as a protective barrier, filling even the tiniest pores on these surfaces and creating a non-absorbent, glass-like finish. This ensures that no matter the weather or environmental conditions, your outdoor cooking area remains unblemished and easy to maintain. Application of Marine Armour is a hand-applied, four-step process that, with just once-a-year maintenance, offers a lifetime of protection for your outdoor cooking products.

Manufacturer Information

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Alfresco's commitment to quality is reflected in our warranty, ensuring that all stainless-steel components, including grill burners and round grates, are guaranteed against material and workmanship defects for the lifetime of the original buyer. The structural soundness of our stainless-steel briquette trays, grill grates, and drip pans is also assured, with a warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship for five years. Within the first two years from the date of purchase, Alfresco covers all parts and labor for repairs or replacements of any part found to be defective. Furthermore, all other grill components, such as igniters, are covered under warranty for one year, with two years of included labor. For comprehensive details, please refer to the manufacturer's manual regarding full warranty information.

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Alfresco ALXE 56-Inch Freestanding Gas Deluxe Grill With Marine Armour

Models (SKU)
Configuration Freestanding 
Fuel Type Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LP)
Collection ALXE
Exterior Material 304 Stainless Steel 
Marine Armour Included
Width 80.06"
Depth 26.81"
Height 51.13"
Weight 580 lbs.
Main Burner Material 18-SR Stainless Steel + Titanium
Number of Burners 3 Burners
Burner Type 18SR - ACCUFIRE Heat System U-Burners
Total BTUs Per Burner 27,500 BTUs
Total Grilling BTUs 82,500 BTUs
Built-In Double Side Burner Included
Double Side Burner Total BTUs 40,000 BTUs (20,000 BTUs Per Burner)
Double Side Burner Material Brass
Warming Rack Type 3-Position Warming-Rack
Main Cooking Grid Material Stainless Steel
Main Cooking Grid Type Non-Stick Electro-Polished 3/8" Rounded Cooking Grate
Warming Rack Type 3-Position Warming-Rack
Cooking Grid Dimensions 37 1/4" X 19"
Main Grilling Area 707 Sq. Inches
Warming Rack Area 416 Sq. Inches
Total Grilling Area 1124 Sq. Inches
Burger Count 32
Infrared Rotisserie Burner Included
Infrared Rotisserie BTUs 18,500 BTUs
Rotisserie Kit Included
Rotisserie Kit Type Integrated Mega-Drive Rotisserie System
Primary Ignition Type Push Button Ignition
Primary Ignition Power Source 110V AC
Flame Tamers Included
Flame Tamers Type Ceramic Briquettes
Heat Zone Separators No
Secondary Ignition System None
Signature Taste Integrated Smoking System Included
Signature Taste Integrated Smoking System Burner Total BTUs 5,000 BTUs
Spring Assisted Hood Yes
Thermometer Analog Thermometer on Grill Hood
Grill Lights Exterior/Interior Lighting Included
Exterior Lighting Type Amber Colored LED Lights on Gas Controls (Requires 110V Electrical Plug-in)
Interior Lighting Type Dual Built-In Halogen Lights (Requires 110V Electrical Plug-in)
Grill Cart Type Deluxe Grill Cart
Grill Cart Door Type Door Two (2) Single Access Doors
Grill Cart Drawer Type Door Double Drawer System
Propane Tank Slide Out Holder Included
Two foldable Side Shelves Included
Utensil Holders Included
Grill Cart Wheel Type 4 Caster Wheels With Locks
Made in the USA Yes

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