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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience

Fire Magic Vent Hoods

Fire Magic Vent Hoods

Don't let your outdoor feast go up in smoke! Fire Magic Vent Hoods are the unsung heroes of outdoor kitchens, whisking away smoke, heat, and grease. Perfect for enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, these hoods ensure that lingering odors and fumes don't crash into your barbecue. Choose the perfect sized Fire Magic Vent Hood to up your grilling game and enhance your outdoor cooking experience—because every chef deserves a breath of fresh air!

What We Love About Fire Magic Vent Hoods

The Fire Magic Outdoor Vent Hood is a standout for its durability and functionality, made from 304-grade stainless steel to withstand outdoor elements. Available in four sizes (36", 42", 48", and 60"), it's designed to suit any outdoor cooking setup. We appreciate its powerful 1200 CFM dual fan system that efficiently removes smoke, heat, and odors, keeping the air fresh. The variable speed control is a plus, allowing you to adjust airflow based on your cooking needs.

We value its convertible configuration, which accommodates both vertical and horizontal venting, fitting seamlessly into diverse outdoor kitchen designs. The dual halogen lamps are a notable feature, enhancing visibility for evening cooking. Safety is prioritized with a thermal safety sensor that activates the fan at high temperatures to prevent overheating. Moreover, the anodized aluminum filters, which are dishwasher safe, make maintenance straightforward. The easy-install mounting bracket simplifies setup, reinforcing our preference for the Fire Magic Vent Hood as a reliable and efficient choice for elevating outdoor grilling experiences.

Do You Need a Fire Magic Vent Hood In Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Fire Magic Vent Hood Outdoor Kitchen

What Size Fire Magic Vent Hood Do I Need?

Choosing the appropriate size for your Fire Magic Vent Hood based on your grill size is crucial to match the width of the vent hood with the width of your grill. This ensures efficient capture of smoke and odors, preventing them from dispersing into your outdoor area. For optimal performance, the vent hood should be at least 1 to 2 inches wider than your grill to effectively manage airflow and smoke extraction above the cooking surface.

Here's a guide to matching vent hood sizes with grill sizes:

What Size Do I Need For Fire Magic Grills? 

Below we have listed out the Fire Magic Built-In Grill model with the best fit Fire Magic Vent Hood to ensure you have effective smoke, heat, and grease removal. Choose the perfect vent hood below based on Fire Magic Grill size and model.

Fire Magic Vent Hood Compatibility

36-inch Vent Hood (36-VH series) Echelon Diamond E660s, Aurora A540i
42-inch Vent Hood (42-VH series) Echelon Diamond E790i, Aurora A660i
48-inch Vent Hood (48-VH series) Echelon Diamond E1060i, Aurora A790i
60-inch Vent Hood (60-VH series) Echelon Diamond E1060i, multiple grill setups up to 58 inches

How High Should My Fire Magic Vent Be Installed From My Grill?

For optimal performance and safety, your vent hood should be installed 30-33 inches above the grill. This spacing ensures effective smoke, heat, and grease management, preventing these byproducts from lingering in your cooking area and maintaining a safe environment. Proper installation at this height also facilitates better air circulation and exhaust function, crucial for maintaining the quality and safety of your outdoor cooking space.

Fire Magic Vent Hood Installation

Do I Need A Fire Magic Vent Hood Spacer?

Deciding if you need a Fire Magic Vent Hood Spacer can be a difficult decision and could be costly, so we will simplify the decision for you with some simple guidelines. Below is a list of factors that would require a Fire Magic Vent Hood Spacer:

Fire Magic Vent Hood Installation Tips 

1. Wall Mount Bracket Installation:

2. Vent Piping Requirements:

3. Electrical Requirements:

4. Installation of Baffles:

5. Grease Filter Installation:

Additional Installation Tips:

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