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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience

Fire Magic Charcoal Grills

Fire Magic Charcoal Grills

Nothing beats authentic charcoal flavor when it comes to entertaining and backyard BBQ's. For 80 years Fire Magic Charcoal Grills has been perfecting the craft of charcoal grilling, giving you top-notch performance and a wide selection of models to fit your outdoor cooking set up. 

What We Love About Fire Magic Charcoal Grills

Fire Magic Charcoal Grills are the ultimate centerpiece to your outdoor cooking, bringing grilling versatility, outdoor durability, and superior innovation to the next level. First Fire Magic continues its strong American tradition with superior strength and durability using only the finest materials, 304 stainless steel. This premium blend of nickel and chromium provides the ultimate durability against high heat, weather, wear and tear from use, and whatever Mother Nature has in store for you.  

Smoker Hood with Tight Seal for Optimal Smoke Retention

Fire Magic Smoker HoodOne feature that separates Fire Magic Charcoal Grills from the competition is its innovative smoker hood.  This deep grill hood design allows for the rich smokey flavors of your charcoal and wood fire below to circulate on all parts of your BBQ favorites, while a tight seal that ensures optimal smoke retention, enhancing the rich, smoky flavor of your food. Each side of your smoker hood features adjustable air vents that allow precise control over airflow and temperature, providing flexibility for both high-heat grilling and low-and-slow smoking.

In addition, fire Magic gives you a 12-inch deep warming rack above your main grilling area, which is perfect optimal smoking and slow cooking. Designed to be oversized, this gourmet warming rack is perfect for indirect grilling and allows you to load up your grill while worrying about space being an issue. For indirect grilling, use your charcoal shield, which sit directly over your charcoal tray. Place your favorite wood chip flavors below for smoking and indirect grilling. This charcoal shield, in addition, allows meat drippings to drip down to your grease grip tray below without affecting your charcoal fire above for a clean flavored fire throughout the entire cookout. 

Diamond Sear Cooking Grates for Even Heat Distribution

One of the standout features of all Fire Magic Grills is their patented Diamond Sear cooking grates. This oversized, wide, flat cooking rod design that covers more than half the cooking surface, eliminating food from falling through and allowing you to easily cook those smaller BBQ favorites, veggies, and more. The wide flat design ensures even heat distribution across your entire grilling rod and surface with more contact surface area to your food, resulting in faster cooking times and more consistent results.  The heavy-duty construction of these grates provides durability and excellent heat retention, making them ideal for searing and grilling.

Convenient Front Door Charcoal Loading

Fire Magic Charcoal Grills With Front Door

Fire Magic Charcoal Grills are equipped with front door charcoal loading, making it easy to refill charcoal even while grilling. Unlike many competitors, where you have to remove the cooking grate and refill the charcoal the same way you did before you started grilling, Fire Magic’s design offers a more practical and safe solution. This feature eliminates the need to remove cooking grates during your cookout, allowing you to maintain steady heat and continue cooking without interruption. It's an ideal addition for low and slow cookouts, especially when using the smoker hood and gourmet warming rack.

Adjustable Charcoal Tray with Manual Crank Handle

The adjustable charcoal tray on Fire Magic Charcoal Grills comes with a manual crank handle located right on the front of your grill, allowing you to control the height of the charcoal tray and adjust the intensity of the heat for both direct and indirect cooking. This versatility ensures that you can achieve the perfect cooking temperature for a variety of foods, from searing steaks to smoking ribs.

Multiple Configuration Options

Fire Magic Charcoal Grills are available in multiple configurations, including the smoker grill built-in models, post mount, in-ground post mount, countertop built-in models, and countertop drop-in options. This variety allows you to choose the perfect fit for your outdoor cooking design, whether you're creating a custom outdoor kitchen or need a standalone grill. Each configuration is designed to provide a seamless and efficient grilling experience, enhancing your outdoor cooking with convenience, versatility, and exceptional performance.

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