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Expertise You Can Trust: Owner-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Owner-Operated with 20 Years of Experience


Fire Magic Grill Accessories

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Fire Magic Grill Accessories

Fire Magic Grill Accessories are the perfect companions for your Fire Magic grill, designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience to new heights. Crafted with the same high-quality materials and precision engineering as Fire Magic grills, these accessories offer unmatched durability, performance, and versatility.

Whether you're looking to enhance your grilling capabilities with insulated jackets and smoker hoods, maintain your grill with specialized cleaning tools, or customize your setup with modular components, Fire Magic accessories provide everything you need for a seamless and superior grilling experience.

What We Love About fire Magic Grills Accessories

Fire Magic Insulated Jackets

One of the overlooked components of outdoor kitchen or grill island construction is protecting your non-combustible materials. High heat and fires can ruin your investment and damage your outdoor kitchen. Additionally, many regions mandate insulated jackets as part of their building codes and regulations. Fire Magic Insulated Jackets offers specially designed models for your Fire Magic Grill to ensure your outdoor kitchen or grill island is protected and safe.

Do I Need An Insulated Jacket For My Fire Magic Grill?

Fire Magic Vent Hoods 

Having an outdoor kitchen that is comfortable to cook in is a must when cooking for friends and family. Considering you will be using your outdoor kitchen when the weather is hot and nice, avoiding extra heat is a must. Fire Magic Vent Hoods makes different size vent hood to accommodate your Fire Magic Built-In Grill. 

Fire Magic Vent Hoods

Do I Need A Fire Magic Vent Hood? 

When deciding whether you need a vent hood in your outdoor kitchen, we at BBQ Kitchen Pros like to keep the rules simple and not over complicate the process. 

Our Vent Hood Rules

  1. Grill Installation Locations: Suitable for use in partially or fully enclosed areas, such as beneath a covered patio, deck, or against a wall.
  2. Ventilation Recommendation: It is advisable to install a vent hood for any grill positioned under a roof with at least two adjacent walls or in spaces lacking adequate cross-ventilation.
  3. Overhead Combustible Structures: Ensure safety with combustible structures like pergolas, outdoor roofs, or gazebos above your grill.
  4. Local Building Codes: Always consult and adhere to your local building codes and regulations, as they can vary significantly by jurisdiction.
  5. Fire Magic Vent Hoods: Specifically designed for wall mounting, making them ideal for outdoor kitchens situated near a wall.

For more information on whether you need a Fire Magic Vent Hood in your outdoor kitchen, what size will work in your outdoor kitchen, and all specific details to ensure you get the right vent hood for your outdoor kitchen, check out Fire Magic Vent Hood Collection

Fire Magic Rotisserie Kits

Why buy a store bought rotisserie chicken that has been sitting around for hours before you even purchase it? Bring the flavor, juicy tenderness, and versatility right to your Fire Magic Grill with Fire Magic Rotisserie Kits. This simple drop-in design fits right into your specific Fire Magic Grill, giving you instant versatility and freshness that will impress friends and family. 

Fire Magic Rotisserie Kits

Things You Need to Know About Fire Magic Rotisserie Kits

The Fire Magic Rotisserie Kit requires a 120V electrical outlet for the motor. The motor has a capacity of 50-60 lbs., making it suitable for large roasts, whole chickens, and turkeys of any size. What's included with your rotisserie kit? You'll receive a heavy-duty motor, a stainless steel spit rod, adjustable forks, an easy-grip handle, and mounting brackets.

Fire Magic Rotisserie Baskets, Turkey Holders, & Chicken Holders

For enhanced versatility, consider using Fire Magic Rotisserie Baskets, Fire Magic Turkey Holders, and Fire Magic Chicken Holders. The rotisserie basket attaches to the rod either through the center or along the exterior. The flat basket design is perfect for securing delicate foods, like fish, to prevent them from falling apart. The turkey and chicken holders securely cradle poultry, ensuring even cooking and juicy, delicious results.

Fire Magic Charcoal Baskets

One concern we find out from our customers is if they love their Fire Magic Gas Grill, but wish they could add the charcoal flavor. Fire Magic Charcoal Baskets are the perfect drop-in grill solution for authentic charcoal and wood flavors right on your gas grill. This drop-in basket comes in two models specific to your Fire Magic Grill and is capable of either charcoal cooking or wood smoking. Here are some things you need to know:

Fire Magic Charcoal Baskets

Fire Magic Charcoal Basket: What You Need To Know


Install the Fire Magic Charcoal Basket, ensure the grill is completely cool and all knobs are in the OFF position. Remove the cooking grid and flavor grid from the main burner area. Place the grid inside the basket frame, then position the charcoal basket onto the main burners, aligning it with the burner supports if applicable.

Charcoal Cooking:

Load charcoal onto the grid inside the basket, ensuring it doesn't exceed 3/4" above the top edge of the basket frame walls. Replace the cooking grid back onto the grill but do not reinstall the flavor grid. Light the burner(s) under the basket and set them to the HI LIGHT setting until the charcoal remains lit without flame from the burners, then turn off the burners. Allow the charcoal to burn until it is generating even heat and is ready for cooking. You can cook with the hood open or closed.


Soak wood chips or chunks in water for at least 30 minutes to prevent them from catching fire and to make them last longer. Load the soaked wood onto the grid inside the basket, ensuring it doesn't exceed the top edge of the basket frame walls. Using the grid/lid lifter, install the smoker lid. Replace the cooking grid back onto the grill but do not reinstall the flavor grid. Light the burner(s) under the basket and set them to the HI LIGHT setting until a steady amount of smoke is rising from the smoke vents, then reduce the burner(s) to the LOW setting or turn them off as needed. Keep the oven hood closed as much as possible during smoking to retain the smoke flavor.


After the coals or wood chips are completely extinguished and the unit has cooled down, remove the basket from the grill and empty the ash into a fireproof container. Clean the burners and igniters as needed, and inspect them every time you use the charcoal/smoker basket. Note that some distortion to the grid may occur during cooling, which is normal and will not affect the efficiency of the basket. By following these steps, you can make the most out of your Fire Magic Charcoal Basket, enhancing your grilling experience with both charcoal cooking and smoking

Fire Magic Grill Covers

Ok, so you made the investment and went with Fire Magic. Nothing worse than watching Mother Nature ruin your outdoor kitchen and your Fire Magic Grill. Fire Magic Grill Covers are custom-fitted to protect your Fire Magic grills and accessories. They are designed with a durable PVC exterior and a breathable polyester interior, offering excellent protection against the elements. These covers help prolong the life of your grill by shielding it from harsh weather conditions, dust, and debris.

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