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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Why Choose Fire Magic Grills? 2024 Expert Review

Why Buy Fire Magic Grills? 2024 Expert Review

Discover Fire Magic Gas Grills

When it comes to experience and outdoor grilling perfection, Fire Magic's Gas Grills remain at the top with almost a century of manufacturing America's premium grills. Providing you a one-of-a-kind grilling experience with innovative features, high performance, durability, and user-friendly outdoor cooking. 

What We Love About Fire Magic Gas Grills

  • Largest grilling space in all size classes.
  • Echelon & Aurora Series innovative features that take your grilling versatility and results to the next level. 
  • 304 stainless steel construction for superior outdoor durability. 
  • Wide selection of sizes and models to fit your outdoor kitchen and grilling needs.
  • Made in the USA with over 80 years of expertise.

Best in Class in All Sizes Grilling Capacity

Nothing is worse than having to serve half your guests because you don't have enough grilling space, especially when you just made an expensive investment on a premium quality grill. When it comes to maximizing size with capacity, no one does it any better than Fire Magic Grills.  At BBQ Kitchen Pros, we’re all about flipping burgers and grilling up or BBQ favorites, but not being stuck at the grill all party long! With Fire Magic Gas Grills you can cook up a BBQ feast and have plenty of time for friends and family.

Fire Magic's Echelon Diamond and Aurora grills in 36” and 30” sizes stand out with their superior cooking area. The 36” models boast up to 20% more grilling space compared to other brands’ 36” grills. Even more impressive, the 30” models often match or surpass the cooking surface of competitors’ 36” options.

Fire Magic 36-Inch Grill Vs. Competition

Fire Magic 36-Inch Gas Grills Vs Competition

Fire Magic 30-Inch Grill Vs. Competition

Fire Magic 30-Inch Gas Grills Vs. Competition

Fire Magic Echelon & Aurora Series Grills Innovative Features

In 2024 Fire Magic Grills made some serious changes to the Echelon Series and Aurora Series Grills, bringing a stunning combo of innovative features and sleek designs to the outdoor kitchen industry. Check out what stands above the competition

The grilling magic starts at the top with the Diamond Sear Cooking Grids featuring a patented flat-top bar designed for optimal heat transfer, ensuring faster and more even cooking. Made from 304 stainless steel with a bead-blasted matte finish for non-stick properties, these grids are reinforced with heavy-duty cross-rods and come with a lifetime warranty. Right below features durable 16-Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Fire Magic Flavor Grids that enhance your grilling by ensuring even heat distribution, vaporizing juices for that authentic BBQ flavor, and minimizing flare-ups. 

At the heart of your grill features Fire Magic E-Burners crafted from ¼” thick cast 304 stainless steel, weighing up to 12 lbs. each, and come with a lifetime warranty. They feature a protective lip above the ports to prevent clogging from grease and deliver up to 31,000 BTUs per burner, ensuring powerful and consistent grilling performance. These burners are easily ignited from the Hot Surface 120V Electric Plug-In Ignition, which promises a reliable and quick start every time. 

Still, the star of the show is the optional Magic View Window, which gives you easy viewing without opening the grill hood letting out your grilling temperature. Grilling at night was also never made easier with the Angled 12V Halogen Grill Lights making late night grilling safe and easy.

Versatility is a must in the elite grilling class and Fire Magic exceeds expectations with a high-performance Infrared Rotisserie Burner and Heavy-Duty Rotisserie Kit. Control your infrared burner right from your control panel, giving you unlimited options on your grill. Easily move your Adjustable Warming Rack when used with its 2-position feature, giving you extra room for larger BBQ favorites. 


Diamond Sear Cooking Grates & Hot Surface Electric Ignition

Diamond Sear Cooking Grates & Hot Surface Electric Ignition

Fast and even cooking with a non-stick surface & quick and reliable start every time.

Magic View Window

Magic View Window & 12V Interior Halogen Lights

Easy visibility without letting out your grilling temperatures or easily grill at night with interior lights.

Cast Stainless E-Shaped Burners

Cast Stainless E-Shaped Burners

Superior durability & coverage across your entire grilling surface.

Adjustable Warming Rack

Adjustable Warming Rack

Provides room for your rotisserie & larger BBQ favorites.

Fire Magic Flavor Grids

Heavy 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Flavor Grids

Distribute heat evenly, protect burners from grease, and vaporize drippings to infuse food with enhanced flavor.

Fire Magic 90 Degree Grill Hood

90° Opening With Spring Assisted Grill Hood

Easy access to your entire grill, with efficient heat exhaust, & effortless opening and closing.

Fire Magic Rotisserie Burner & Rotisserie Kit

Infrared Rotisserie Backburner & Rotisserie Kit

High-performance infrared rotisserie backburner with heavy-duty rotisserie kit for grill versatility.

Fire Magic Analog Thermometer

Optional Analog Grill Hood Thermometer

Analog thermometer on the grill hood with an angled bezel for easy reading of temperatures up to 1000°F.

What Separates Fire Magic Echelon Series Grill?

The 2024 Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Series brings huge changes to outdoor grilling design and innovative features, giving you superior performance and a modern one-of-a-kind look in your outdoor kitchen. With a clean sleek line design and a variety of options that allow you to customize your grill to meet your exact outdoor cooking needs. Let's breakdown the top changes for 2024 that separate the Echelon Diamond Series.

Our favorite feature of the Echelon Series has to be the changes to the front control panel. With a sleek contoured black glass control panel and back-lit knob blue LED lights, this design brings cutting-edge style straight from the pages of a magazine. In addition, the Echelon Series brings convenience and technology right onto your grill with a digital touch screen thermometer with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Easily monitor your oven temperature, use your included meat probe for precise internal temperature cooking, and set a timer to alert you. Using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth conveniently monitor your grilling progress right from your phone. 

Take cleanliness, safety, and convenience to the next level Fire Magic includes a 14-inch wide Echelon Drip Tray with ball-bearing glides and aluminum liners for easy disposal. Included with every Fire Magic Echelon Series Grill purchase is a charcoal/smoker basket. Nothing beats that authentic charcoal smoky flavor. Get the best of both worlds with gas grilling and a simple charcoal basket drop-in design that allows you to add wood chips or charcoal flavor to your BBQ favorites. 

Echelon Series Digital Controls

Echelon Series Digital Controls & WIFI Technology

Digital controls with a digital thermometer, timer, blue backlit knobs, & Bluetooth capability.

Fire Magic Blue LED Lights

Black Glass Controls With Blue LED Lights

Echelon Series sleekest look of 2024 adds unmatched modern look to your outdoor kitchen.

Echelon Drip Tray

Echelon Drip Tray

Easily glide with ball bearings and drip tray liners for easy and convenient cleaning.

Fire Magic Charcoal Basket

Charcoal/Smoker Basket Included

Bring authentic charcoal/wood to your gas grill with a simple but effective drop-in design basket.

Fire Magic Charcoal Grilling

Fire Magic Charcoal Grills offer unmatched performance, quality, and style, making them a top choice for charcoal grilling enthusiasts. Available in Built-In, Post Mount, and Drop-In models, these grills are crafted to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Let's take a closer look at what makes Fire Magic Charcoal Grills special.

The smoker hood with adjustable vents allows for precise airflow control, ensuring perfect smoking results by maintaining optimal temperature and smoke levels. Heavy-duty Diamond Sear cooking grids provide superior heat retention and even heat distribution, resulting in perfect sear marks and evenly cooked food. An integrated warming rack adds a second level for optimized smoking performance and extra space to keep food warm. The front door design offers easy access to charcoal loading, making the grilling process more convenient. An adjustable charcoal pan with a crank handle provides precise control over cooking temperatures, ensuring your food is grilled to perfection every time.

Smoker Hood With Adjustable Vents

Smoker Hood With Adjustable Vents

Allows precise airflow control for optimal smoke retention, enhancing the flavor and quality of your grilled food.

12-Inch Deep Warming Rack

Integrated 12-Inch Deep Warming Rack

Expanded second level for optimal smoking and indirect slow-cooking.

Echelon Drip Tray

Front Charcoal Door & Adjustable Charcoal Pan

Easy charcoal loading and temperature control for direct and indirect charcoal grilling.

Fire Magic Charcoal Basket

Diamond Sear Cooking Grates

Smooth flat-top cooking grates covering half your total cooking surface, superior heat retention for faster grilling and even cooking.

Fire Magic Legacy Series Grills

Fire Magic Legacy Series is one of our favorite series from Fire Magic because of its unique seamless drop-in designs. These integrated drop-in countertop grills are perfect if you have a smaller outdoor kitchen or if you are looking to bring a unique look to your outdoor kitchen. Available in gas and charcoal models to suit your flavor needs. 

Fire Magic continues its pursuit of grilling perfection, giving you Diamond Sear Cooking Grates on their Legacy Series Gas Models Grills. These oversized flat-top cooking grates cover most of your total cooking surface, preventing food from falling through, excellent heat retention for faster cooking, and even cooking across your entire food. Your Legacy Gas Series provides superior grilling power with cast stainless steel linear burners for high performance and durability. 

Fire Magic Legacy Series Charcoal Grills are designed for authentic flavor, precision temperature control, and seamless countertop integration. Available in both a drop-in design to fit right into the top of your countertop and also built-in to fit your grill island layout. Included in your Legacy Series Firemaster Charcoal Grill is an adjustable charcoal pan with crank handle for easy temperature control while you grill up your BBQ masterpieces. 


Drop-In Legacy Series Grills

Countertop Drop-In Design with Cool-To-Touch Control Panel

Seamless countertop drop-in design for a unique look in your outdoor kitchen with safe gas controls.

Fire Magic Legacy Series Countertop Charcoal Grill

Countertop Drop-In Charcoal Grills

Countertop drop-in design for seamless integration and an adjustable charcoal pan with a crank handle for easy temperature control.

Legacy Series Diamond Sear Cooking Grates

Diamond Sear Cooking Grates

Flat-top oversized non-stick cooking grates that reduce food from falling through, faster cooking times, and even cooking.

Fire Magic Life-A-Fire Charcoal Grill

Built-in Charcoal Open Grill Design with Adjustable Charcoal Pan

Unique open charcoal grill design with front door for easy charcoal loading and adjustable charcoal pan.

Fire Magic Choice Grills

Fire Magic presents the workhorse of the Fire Magic family with durability and affordability with the Fire Magic Choice Series. Made with sleek satin stainless steel from top to bottom, these grills promise years of reliable performance and superior craftsmanship.

The Choice Series stands out with features like patented Diamond Sear Cooking Grates for versatile grilling, everything from delicate grilling like fish to high heat perfect sear marks. Featuring 14-gauge U-shaped burners for high heat and even heat distribution, and Rapid Fire Ignition for safe, battery-free starts. Heavy-gauge flavor grids protect burners, reduce flare-ups, and enhance flavor by vaporizing drippings, while adjustable warming racks expand cooking areas. The Fire Magic Choice Series offers exceptional value without compromising on quality or performance.

Turn-To-Start Ignition System

Turn-To-Light Ignition System

A safe, reliable, and quick ignition system with no power or batteries required.

Diamond Sear Cooking Grates

Heavy-Duty Diamond Searing Cooking Grids

Versatile flat-top cooking surface, everything from delicate fish to searing steaks.

Fire Magic Flavor Grids

Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Flavor Grids

Protects burners, provides even heat distribution across your entire grilling surface, and vaporizes dripping for enhanced flavor.

Fire Magic Stainless Steel U-Burners

14 Gauge Stainless Steel U-Shaped Burners

Powerful multi-port durable u-shaped burners that provide a wide temperature range and gives you even heat distribution.

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