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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience


Summerset Alturi Series Grills

Summerset Alturi Series Grills

Summerset Grills redefines elite luxury grilling with the modern elegance, high performance grilling, and comes feature-loaded for total grilling versatility, giving you a complete luxury outdoor cooking experience. Check out what separates the Alturi Series from the rest of the competition. 

What We Love About Summerset Alturi Grills

Here at BBQ Kitchen Pros we look at the Alturi Series Grill, taking grilling performance to the elite level by combining premium features and components through the entire construction process. Let's go through the features of the Alturi Series by Summerset Grills.

Alturi Series Grill Sharp Look & Purposeful Design 

Summerset Alturi Series Grills Design

Alturi Series Grills sets the stage with its modern clean stainless steel look unlike any grill on the market. Featuring a vertically raised angular grill hood that allows you more room for grilling. What's really nice about this raised and spacious grill hood design is how it allows you more room for rotisserie cooking. The Alturi Series features a 12,000 BTU infrared backburner and 40 lb. motor rotisserie kit that can now accommodate even the largest of rotisserie favorites. In addition, the large grill hood design allows for an oversized removable stainless steel warming rack, giving you more room to cook comfortably. 

Another standout feature of the Alturi Series is its sleek front gas control panel with a rounded distinctive ledge and recessed controls. This design provides a modern, streamlined look while protecting the controls from the elements and ensuring a comfortable, ergonomic user experience. Your recessed gas control panel features blue LED lights on top of your gas knobs for a beautiful look across your outdoor kitchen or cooking space. Easily control your light with push button controls. Each detail is brought to attention with large gripped stainless steel control knobs designed to give you comfort and precision control across each burner.

26,000 BTU U-Tube Burner High Performance & Versatile Grilling Surface

Summerset Alturi Series U-Tube Burners

Customers often underestimate the value of having high powered burners on your grill. Not only can you achieve high heat cooking temperatures and wider temperature range, it opens your grilling up to another level of grilling versatility. These 26,000 BTU U-tube multi-fuel burners provide an even spread of flame across your entire grilling surface, making sure you have an even heat distribution preventing uneven cooked food. All of your burners are easily ignited from the industry standard in premium grilling lighting, the Flame Thrower ignition. As a backup plan Summerset gives you a manual flash tube ignition which allows you to use a match safely and easily light your grill burners if your primary ignition fails.

The versatility doesn't stop there with heat zone separators. Designate your grill in isolated cooking zones allowing you to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures at once. In addition, Summerset Grills keeps tradition alive with an easy-clean briquette system. This multi-functional feature not only protects your burners from falling grease and food falling through, but also enhances flavor by vaporizing drippings as they fall through and turns them into flavorful infused smoke that changes your BBQ favorites. In addition, these high performance burners provide even heat distribution across your grilling cooking surface and are easily cleaned by flipping over ceramic briquette trays and letting your powerful burners do the work. 

Alturi Series Grill Features 9mm Cooking Grates - Grill Like A Pro!

Alturi Series Grill Rotisserie Kit

We've all been there – watching in frustration as our food slips through the cooking grates or having our BBQ masterpieces stick to the grates, causing them to fall apart. The Alturi Series Grills features heavy-duty 9mm stainless steel cooking grates. Compared to other premium grills, this 9mm cooking rod design covers more of your grilling cooking area, preventing food from falling through and giving you even more heat retention from even cooking food above. Designed to stop food from falling through, this rounded design cooking grate also provides a non-stick cooking surface which is perfect for those delicate BBQ favorites, like fish. 

Versatility, Convenience, & Safety Meets For Grilling Perfection

Included in your Alturi Series Grill by Summerset Grills is a 12,000 BTU rotisserie infrared backburner with heavy-duty rotisserie kit at 40 lb. capacity motor. No more going to the store and buying rotisserie chicken that is cooked the same way and has been sitting around all day long, do it right from your Alturi Series grill to perfection. Not only cook chickens effortlessly cook large and delicious foods like whole turkeys, prime rib roasts, and multiple racks of ribs, ensuring even heat distribution and succulent results every time.

Grilling into the evening? No problem at all, the Alturi Series brings built-in halogen lights, making grilling safe and easy when the sun goes down. These lights are easily controlled right from your front control panel with a push button. In addition, each Alturi Series model features a spring assisted grill hood, giving you ultimate convenience when opening and closing your grill hood and preventing slamming from occurring.

Proudly USA-Made with a Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty

Summerset Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty

Two factors that must be considered when purchasing your grill is what kind of warranty it comes with and where is it manufactured? Summerset Alturi Series Grills checks both boxes with an industry-leading Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty and is built and factory-tested in the USA. The Summerset Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty ensures your grill's construction, burners, and cooking grates are covered for a lifetime, while the valve mechanisms are protected for up to 15 years. This extensive coverage guarantees reliable performance and lasting durability, making it a great investment for your outdoor cooking needs.

Summerset grills are proudly made in America, reflecting the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Each grill is meticulously factory-tested to ensure top performance and reliability, and is serviced by a dedicated team of experts. This commitment to excellence guarantees that your Summerset grill not only meets but exceeds your expectations, providing you with the ultimate grilling experience.

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Summerset Alturi Series Grill Comparison Chart

Summerset Alturi Series Grills Comparison Chart

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