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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience


Memphis Pellet Grills

Memphis Pellet Grills

What Makes Memphis Pellet Grills Better Than The Rest?

  • Grill, sear, bake, smoke, and roast with wood-fired flavor
  • Designed to give your outdoor kitchen a professional look.
  • Intelliburn technology is giving you high heat and conversing pellet fuel.
  • Wi-Fi technology with Memphis Pellet Grills app.

Memphis Pellet Grills Allow You To Bake, Sear, Smoke, or Roast

Versatility Unleashed

In today's world of outdoor cooking, versatility is what every customer wants and needs. How can you make the most of your outdoor grilling appliances and save space in your outdoor kitchen? Enter Memphis Pellet Grills. Their revolutionary 5-in-1 technology allows you to grill, sear, smoke, roast, and bake—all on a single surface.

Master the Perfect Sear

Pellet smokers often get the bad reputation of not being able to sear at high temperatures. But what's a grill worth if it can't achieve that delicious caramelized crust on your meat? Fear not, the Memphis Wood Fire Grill has cracked the code. Depending on the model, you can sear at temperatures ranging from 500°F to 700°F, or go even hotter with Direct Flame Mode. Memphis Pellet Grills features a Direct Flame Technology plate that allows you to replace your smoker plate, allowing your grilling flame to reach the grilling surface for the perfect char and searing.

Smoking Perfection

Smoking food used to demand hard work, patience, and constant attention. With a Memphis Pellet Grill, you can finally kick back while your grill does the heavy lifting. Whether you're going to bed with a pork shoulder on the grill or entertaining guests, Memphis has you covered. Smoke Mode ranges from 180°F to 295°F, ensuring you wake up or return to perfectly smoked food without the hassle. Your pellet grill features a smoker plate which gives you indirect grilling for smoking perfection.

Convection Oven Superiority

Memphis Pellet Grills also boasts a convection-style design that transforms your grill into a top-tier outdoor oven. Say goodbye to all those cooking accessories, including rotisserie kits. Convection cooking is a cutting-edge method that circulates air throughout the cooking chamber, ensuring a consistent internal temperature for your food. While many kitchen ovens feature convection cooking, few grills on the market do—except for Memphis Wood Fire Grills. The entire line of wood pellet grills incorporates convection grilling technology, making rotisseries and other accessories obsolete. The convection oven technology in our grills rivals that of high-end kitchen ovens, offering unmatched versatility with the ability to grill, smoke, sear, roast, and bake.

Perfect for Roasting

Convection cooking isn't just for baking. It's perfect for roasting meats and vegetables, too. The convection blower guarantees even cooking without the mess of a rotisserie attachment. Come Thanksgiving, roast your turkey in Memphis for moist, delicious meat while freeing up your indoor oven for side dishes and baked goods.

Baking Bliss

Thanks to the convection blower, your baked goods will reach new heights. Even heat distribution means no more uneven bakes—just perfectly cooked pastries, breads, and more.

Memphis Pellet Grills Modern Design

What stands out to us first at BBQ Kitchen Pros is the design. Unlike your typical offset barrel-shaped pellet smoker, Memphis Pellet Grills are designed to give your outdoor cooking area a modern and professional look like your top-of-the-line gas grills. Memphis Pellets grills come in two types of configurations for all its models, either built-in or freestanding pellet grills. Both configurations offer a sharp lined grill hood design and are made with 304 stainless steel giving you a sleek shine in your outdoor kitchen space.

Memphis Pellet Grills Shown In Grill Island

Memphis Pellet Grills Intelliburn Technology 

Get ready for more heat with less fuel. IntelliBurn revolutionizes grill performance and efficiency through its secondary combustion system, generating more heat while using fewer pellets. This means each cook uses fewer pellets and achieves a cleaner burn, especially at temperatures above smoke mode. But that's not all—our latest generation ITC3 grills boast an advanced combustion blower system, featuring variable speed and enhanced static pressure. This upgrade ensures even better temperature consistency and control, making your grilling experience more efficient and precise than ever before.

Memphis Pellet Grills Wi-Fi Technology

Memphis Pellet Grills' new Bluetooth-enabled setup makes connecting to our pellet grill app a breeze. Start up your Memphis Wood Fire Grill, add your food, and kick back while your meal cooks to perfection. With the ability to monitor your grill from anywhere, your smartphone or tablet becomes the ultimate grilling companion. Avoid undercooked or overcooked food by tracking the internal temperature of your meats in real-time with up to three meat probes using our grill app. Transform into a Grill Master with step-by-step recipes available on the smoking and grilling app. Select a recipe and craft a mouthwatering meal with the guidance of your smart device.

Harnessing cloud-based technology, our grill app connects to your home Wi-Fi network, giving you unlimited range to access real-time temperature data from wherever you are. Whether you're hitting the golf course or cruising on a boat, fire up your grill and track its progress from the green or the middle of the lake. Relaxing on the couch? Skip the trips to the grill—simply grab your smartphone and monitor your meal's progress while you unwind.

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