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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience

Memphis Grills Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Memphis Grills Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Memphis Grills Outdoor Storage

Memphis Grills Outdoor Components isn't just storage; it's the secret sauce that spices up your BBQ game. Made entirely from high-grade 304 stainless steel, these outdoor kitchen solutions blend modern style with superior durability to keep your outdoor kitchen clean, organized, and functional. Featuring soft-close hinges on doors that shut with a whisper, full-extension drawers that offer a VIP pass to your grilling essentials, and combo units that mix and match storage perfection. With weather-resistant seals and a sleek, flush-mounted design, Memphis Grills Outdoor Storage ensures your BBQ space looks as hot as it cooks.

What We Love About Memphis Grills Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Memphis Grills Outdoor Kitchen Storage
  • 304 stainless steel construction for superior outdoor durability against all weather conditions, rust, and wear and tear. 
  • A wide selection of drawers customize your outdoor storage.
  • Double doors that pair perfectly in symmetry with your Memphis Pellet Grill.
  • Recessed drawer handles and door handles for a smooth, modern look in your outdoor kitchen.
  • Drawers can hold up to 100 lbs. in weight capacity. 

Memphis Outdoor Kitchen Storage has us head over heels, and here's why. Featuring high-grade 304 stainless steel providing you superior protection against rust, corrosion, and all the outdoor elements, while still looking sleek and shiny. Memphis Grill Doors are designed to open smoothly with soft-close hinges, offering a clean, seamless look that pairs perfectly with your Memphis Pellet Grill. Memphis Grill Drawers are designed perfectly gliding out effortlessly on full-extension slides, giving you easy access to all your grilling essentials, and their soft-close mechanism adds a touch of luxury to every use. These outdoor kitchen drawers are built tough, holding up to 100 lbs. and keeping everything dry with weather-resistant seals. And the Memphis Grill Combo units? They’re the ultimate in versatile storage, combining the best features of doors and drawers with adjustable shelving and integrated handle designs for that extra sleek touch. With recessed handles completing the modern look, Memphis Outdoor Kitchen Storage doesn’t just hold your gear—it elevates your entire BBQ experience.

Memphis Grills Door Storage

Memphis Grill Doors Storage

  • 304 stainless steel construction for ultimate durability and strength.
  • Double doors are designed to be the same width as Memphis Elite ITC3 or Pro ITCS Model Grills.
  • Hidden hinge design for a smooth and clean look.
  • Space-saving recessed handle design.

When it comes to functionality and keeping it simple with outdoor kitchen door storage, Memphis Grills has you covered. Memphis Grill Doors gives you two perfect underneath-the-grill options with the Memphis Grills Lower Door Elite and the Memphis Grills Lower Door Pro. Your Memphis Lower Door Elite Double Door pairs perfectly in symmetry and size with your Memphis Grills Elite ITC3 Built-In Pellet Grill and the Memphis Lower Door Pro Double Door is made to fit right below your Memphis Grills Pro Built-In ITC3 Pellet Grill. In addition, Memphis gives you a do-it-all Memphis Grill Vertical Access Door for outdoor kitchen storage, concealing plumbing, electrical, or anything you need for your outdoor kitchen. All Memphis Grills Doors come equipped with recessed handles for a sleek outdoor kitchen look, strong magnetic latches, and are made from durable 304 stainless steel construction.

Memphis Grills Drawer Storage
  • 304 stainless steel construction for extreme durability and strength.
  • Wide selection of styles and sizes to fit your outdoor kitchen design.
  • Drawers can support up to 100 lbs. of weight.
  • Self-closing drawer glides for effortless opening and closing.
  • Space-saving recessed handle design.

Memphis Grills Drawer Storage offers a versatile and stylish solution for all your outdoor kitchen storage needs. Made from 304 stainless steel for extreme durability and strength, these drawers are built to withstand the elements while adding a sleek touch to your setup. Available in a wide selection of styles and sizes, Memphis Grill Drawers include four-stack drawers, convenient trash drawers, and lower storage drawers specifically designed to fit perfectly under your Memphis Pro ITC3 Grill and Memphis Elite ITC3 Grill. Each Memphis Drawer is built for maximum capacity and can support up to 100 lbs. of storage weight. In addition, your heavy-duty drawers feature stainless steel self-closing glides for smooth, effortless operation. All drawers feature space-saving recessed handle designs giving your outdoor kitchen a clean and modern look.

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