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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience

Fire Magic Warming Drawers

Fire Magic Warming Drawers

Ever faced the disappointment of reheated food that turns dry and unappetizing at your party or backyard cookout? Fire Magic Warming Drawer keeps your dishes deliciously moist and warm until you're ready to serve, preserving the taste and texture as if it’s freshly made. Designed to function like a hot buffet that fits seamlessly into your outdoor kitchen right below your countertop or underneath your grill.

Fire Magic Warming Drawer Installation: What You Need to Know

What We Like About Fire Magic Warming Drawers

The Fire Magic Warming Drawer is an indispensable addition to any outdoor kitchen, combining cutting-edge technology with superior design to keep your culinary creations at the perfect temperature. Both lines are built from 304 stainless steel, it offers unmatched durability against rust, weathering, and temperature extremes, ensuring it remains a centerpiece of your outdoor cooking setup for years. With the ability to set temperatures at up to 230°F, this drawer ensures that everything from bread to barbecue stays deliciously warm throughout your gathering. Additionally, it features moisture and humidity control knobs, allowing you to maintain the ideal environment for preserving the flavors and textures of your food until it’s time to serve.

The complete sealed drawer design not only keeps insects out but also ensures your dishes are protected from the elements like moisture, thanks to the continuous rain guard protection. Moreover, the built-in moisture control with adjustable ventilation prevents food from becoming soggy, keeping it as fresh and appetizing as when it was first prepared. Whether you're hosting a simple family meal or a large backyard bash, the Fire Magic Warming Drawer is your solution for serving perfectly warm and moist dishes every time.

Choose Between Fire Magic Select & Premium Flush Warming Drawers For The Perfect Pairing

Fire Magic Premium Flush Warming Drawing

Fire Magic Premium Flush Warming Drawer is a top-tier choice for enhancing your outdoor kitchen experience, designed to integrate flawlessly with the Fire Magic Diamond Echelon Series and Fire Magic Aurora Series Grills. The Premium Flush model warming drawer gives you a sleek smooth flush look that gives you a smooth professional look in your outdoor kitchen. This type of mounting works perfectly with smooth finished veneers like stucco, wood, vinyl, or metal giving you a clean modern look. 

Fire Magic Select Warming Drawer

Looking to match your Fire Magic Choice Series Grill or Fire Magic Legacy Series Grill? The Fire Magic Select Series Warming Drawer is the perfect match. Its raised mounted, sharp lined look pairs perfectly with both series, giving you a pronounced stainless steel look in your outdoor kitchen. Whether you're looking for a flush look on your rough natural stone veneer or trying to get your stainless steel outdoor storage standout by having a raised stainless steel look, the Select Series does both. 

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