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Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience
Expertise You Can Trust: Family-Operated with 20 Years of Experience

ProForno Traditional Wood-Fired Brick Pizza Ovens - Best in Industry Traditional Brick Ovens & Pizza Ovens

ProForno Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Features

  • Handcrafted in Portugal with traditional even heat distribution.
  • High-quality heat-resistant firebricks and refractory cement construction.
  • Dome style gives you up to 1000 Degrees of radiant heat, convection, and conduction outdoor cooking.
  • Large selection of authentic traditional outdoor pizza oven styles.
  • Versatile options, either built-in mounting or a mobile cart.

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Why We Love ProForno Wood-Fired Brick Pizza Ovens

Nothing beats fresh Neapolitan pizza right from your backyard. Forget soggy pizza in a box from your local pizza shop with ProForno Wood-Fired Brick Pizza Ovens. Handcrafted in Portugal from high quality materials, giving the perfect traditional dome shaped design for perfect crispy pizza every time. Reaching temperatures of up to 1000°F allowing cooking versatility with radiant heat, convection, and conduction outdoor oven wood-fired cooking. ProForno gives you a wide selection of styles, colors, and finishes to match your outdoor ambiance, making your ProForno Wood-Fire Outdoor Oven the centerpiece of your outdoor cooking space.

ProForno Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens: Handcrafted Excellence from Portugal

ProForno brings to the old world perfection that beats the competition in outdoor oven performance and style. Handcrafted in Portugal, these wood-fired ovens are renowned for their superior design that gives you an efficient flow of heat across your entire oven cooking space for even heat distribution. Heat from your flavorful wood fire is absorbed by the fire bricks and the refractory mortar layer and then radiates evenly across the oven for consistent temperature across your entire oven cooking space. This radiant heat cooks the pizza from above evenly, while the heat conducted through the oven fire brick floor crisps your pizza with its ultimate heat retention. The chimney flue, which is located towards the front of your oven, creates an updraft, drawing in fresh air that feeds the fire and allowing smoke to exit, ensuring a clear, consistent flame for cooking and even temperature in your oven. This combination of radiant, convective, and conductive heat, sustained by superior layers of insulation, makes the ProForno Portuguese wood-fired oven the perfect outdoor pizza oven and gives you ultimate outdoor cooking versatility.

ProForno Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens: Engineered with High Heat Resilience

ProForno Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens are the perfect blend of style and durability for the ultimate outdoor wood-fired oven. At the core of the wood-fired oven, it features high heat-resistant firebricks and mortar, ensuring maximum heat absorption and retention, giving you superior heat and consistent cooking temperatures. Encased in specialty refractory cement, these wood-fired ovens are not only built to last but are also designed to ramp up to your desired cooking temperature swiftly. The interior, molded from premium high refractory clay, allows you to reach high temperatures in any season or weather you face.

At the heart of the ProForno Wood-Fired Pizza Oven lies its exceptional fire brick cooking surface. This high-heat tolerance and retaining firebricks is specially formulated to withstand the extreme heat temperatures of wood-firing. As the fire crackles, the brick absorbs and evenly radiates heat across its surface, essential for baking pizzas to that golden crispy perfection.

The superior thermal conductivity of the firebrick sets it apart. Unlike other materials, it rapidly heats up and effectively transfers this warmth directly to the pizza base. The result? A flawlessly cooked pizza, complete with a beautifully charred underside, achieved in significantly less time. Moreover, this firebrick gives you an impressive durability at high temperatures, outperforming standard bricks or stones. It stands resilient against cracking or damage even under intense heat, assuring reliability and longevity in your wood-fired oven cooking.

To top it off, the authentic wood-fired flavor, the combination of firebrick and wood fire is unparalleled. It infuses each pizza with a distinctive smoky essence, a flavor cherished by culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs alike, bringing the traditional art of pizza making right to your backyard.

ProForno Pizza Ovens: Choose Your Flame - Wood-Fired Tradition or Modern Gas Burner Efficiency

Traditional Wood-Fired Flavor:

There's an unmatched charm to cooking with a traditional wood-fired oven, like ProForno Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens. Each ProForno Outdoor Oven comes standard with a wood fire fuel source reaching up to 1000°F giving you a unique smoky flavor for pizzas that can’t be replicated, creating an unmistakable taste profile.

ProForno Pizza Oven Gas Burner - Manual-1: For the Traditional Enthusiast:

The ProForno Gas Burner - Manual-1 is ideal for those who appreciate traditional methods but desire modern convenience. Its M-Series functionality allows for easy lighting and manual flame adjustment, providing a consistent heat without the need for electricity. This burner achieves up to 54,626 BTUs, hitting that perfect 1000°F for crispy pizzas in just two minutes. Its standard size and dual fuel options (propane or natural gas) make it a versatile choice for various setups.

ProForno Pizza Oven Gas Burner - Auto-1: For the Tech-Savvy Chef:

For the tech-oriented chefs, ProForno's Auto-1 Gas Burner is a perfect match. It features E-Series Automation for temperature control, adjustable via a digital display, and options for boost and manual override. Requiring a continuous 110v power supply, it's ideal for permanent or commercial setups. The gas burner’s consistent heat output of up to 53,981 BTUs reaching up to 1000°F guarantees evenly cooked pizzas every time, and its sturdy build makes it a reliable addition to any kitchen.

Flexibility to Blend Both Wood-Fire & Gas:

ProForno ovens offer time,unique flexibility to blend the traditional allure of wood-fired cooking with the precision and ease of gas burners at the same time or separately. Whether you have time to preheat for 45 minutes and cook authentic wood-fired flavor or you're short on time, the party is about to start, ProForno Traditional Pizza Ovens can do-it-all.

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